Delivering Products and Services to People with Diabetes

The National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS) delivers subsidised products, information and support services to people with diabetes across Australia. The Scheme started in 1987 and is funded by the Australian Government. Diabetes Australia administers the Scheme on behalf of the Government.

People who are registered with the NDSS can access a range of products to assist in their diabetes management including:

  • Subsidised testing strips for checking blood glucose levels
  • Free insulin syringes and pen needles
  • A subsidised insulin pump consumables for eligible Registrants
  • A range of information services and support.

Women diagnosed with gestational diabetes during their pregnancy are eligible to register with the NDSS for 12 months. We also encourage all women with gestational diabetes to register on the NDSS Gestational Diabetes Register - click here to sign up.

It is free to register with the NDSS and only needs to be done once.

What are the Benefits?

NDSS products enable people to self manage their diabetes in a safe and affordable way. Products include syringes, needles, insulin pump consumables and testing strips and are available via our network of over 420 NDSS agencies (eg. pharmacies), by phone or mail order or online - click here to start shopping.

There are also a range of educational programs that NDSS Registrants can attend for free including DESMOND, Cook Smart, Meter Smart or Shop Smart. Visit our program listing here for more information.

Am I Eligible?

The Scheme is available to all Australian residents who hold an Australian Medicare card and who have been diagnosed with diabetes by a health professional. Visitors to Australia may also be eligible to access the NDSS through a reciprocal agreement with their home country. A doctor or credentialed diabetes educator will need to certify the type of diabetes on the NDSS registration form. This ensures that people with diabetes have access to the most appropriate range of products and services to manage their diabetes.

How Can I Access NDSS Products?

Without the NDSS, accessing the vital products you need to manage your diabetes can be complicated and costly. The NDSS approved product list makes it simple and easy, and accessing significantly discounted products makes the scheme very cost-effective. Mail and phone orders are dispatched within 48 hours and delivered to your door.

There are five ways to purchase:

  • From our stores - at Diabetes WA offices in Subiaco or Belmont. Click here for location maps
  • Through our online shop 24 hours a day. To make a purchase - click here
  • From your local agency - there are over 420 across WA. Click here to locate one near you
  • By mail. To download an NDSS order form click here 
  • By phone. Place your order by calling 1300 001 880

What's a NDSS Access Point?

'Access Point' is a term used to describe a NDSS-approved outlet where NDSS products can be purchased. Access Points in Western Australia include Diabetes WA, pharmacies, aged care facilities and other health services.  

  • For a full list of Access Point locations across WA, click here

The NDSS and Diabetes WA

Diabetes WA co-ordinate the NDSS in WA, ensuring easy ordering and smooth delivery of diabetes products to people registered with the scheme right across the state. For information about the difference between an NDSS Registrant card and Diabetes WA membership card click here.

NDSS registrants can take advantage of Diabetes WA programs and services and we offer additional support through our membership program. If you're interested in becoming a Diabetes WA member, connecting you to the latest information, services and support, click here.

The NDSS is administered nationally by Diabetes Australia.


Register on the NDSS
Click here to download the NDSS registration form. All you need to do is complete the  form, have it signed by a Medical Practitioner or Credentialed Diabetes Educator and return it to:

Diabetes WA  
PO Box 1699 
Subiaco  WA  6904
Download an Order Form

  • Click here to download the NDSS product order form.

Insulin Pump Consumables

  • Click here to download the latest IPC product order form

* Subsidised products are only available to people registered on the NDSS. Syringes and needles are free on the NDSS, other products are subsidised - see the NDSS order forms for full details.  
National Gestational Diabetes Register
The National Gestational Diabetes Register was established within the National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS) to help women who have had gestational diabetes to manage their health into the future.
Registration with the National Gestational Diabetes Register is free. Women who have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes, reside in Australia and hold or are eligible to hold an Australian Medicare Card are entitled to register.
Click here for more information on signing up for the National Gestational Diabetes Register.